#thepositivepackage - An introduction

A short video on who and what we are ~ worldwide positivity!

Welcome to the Positive Package!

A box full of positive treats just for you!

From a little supporting a village...we want to encourage spreading positivity Worldwide! 

Proudly sourced from far away lands, happy cool suppliers, and items that make us smile.  Each box is made with the concept of highlighting Positive projects and people who make up this world in an ultra cool way!

Spreading love and positive vibes to you, your friends and the World one Positive Package at a time!

Featured product

Mum your are ‘jar’st positively awesome flower treat bundle
Mum your are ‘jar’st positively awesome flower treat bundle Mum your are ‘jar’st positively awesome flower treat bundle Mum your are ‘jar’st positively awesome flower treat bundle

Auckland delivery only. Limited numbers. Created with positivity, pride and love for your special Mum.

Featured product

Subscription Box
Subscription Box Subscription Box The Positive Package cambodian clearance

Time to clear this Cambodian cupboard, donate back to Eco Soap Bank and get travelling! Limited amount available so BE QUICK! !!!!

Subscribe and join our positivity movement

1 Positive Package at a time! 🌏

A box full of positive treats just for you!  Proudly sourced from far away lands whilst highlighting a positive project that helps the world in an ultra cool way!

We think these amazing projects deserve a positivity shoutout, and we also think you deserve to be spoilt!

Enjoy! #worldwidepositivity

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Let’s get positive!!!!

Send a package of positivity to you, or someone who you think deserves a box of happiness!

Subcribe or one off, it’s up to you! We just want to spread positivity worldwide and highlight the cool people, products and positive projects! Be happy and make the world a better place with a wee dose of positivity! 


All of our positive packages ship between 15th and 25th of each month

Receive new, cool, eco-friendly, exotic original stuff whilst making the world a better place.

Subscribing means you are supporting #positiveprojects worldwide!

Enjoy and be spoilt whilst giving back!


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Socially shouting out to Samir and the team at Eco Soap Bank Cambodia.

Show some love to Samir’s amazing team and learn what a difference one person can make worldwide.



Inside your positive package you will receive six #positivepegs ready to peg and share love and positivity worldwide.

Simply peg some love and positivity, share and tag on Instagram. #worldwidepositivity!



Highlighting friendships, talents, artists and #positivepeeps who are doing something great together.

Nominate your friends or someone special who deserves a positivity shoutout!



‘I am smiling from ear to ear! I just opened my first positive package and all I can say is WOW!!!!’ before I even opened it I was impressed with the gorgeous packaging and "Brigitte is beautiful" tag. I couldn't believe how many items you included! great value for money and such cute wee items! thanks again. you made my month!’

– Brigette Older

‘I’ve subscribed to The Positive Package, and I have already received an unexpected surprise in the post... a letter personally addressed to me, and inside a wee positive inspirational quotation. It made my day! I’m looking forward to my first subscription box now and love the idea of being spoilt whilst giving back. Thanks!’

– Myra Gordon, Portland