I found myself in Cambodia ...

Cambodia seems like a while ago, but the fact of the matter is, it was one of those places you visit and leaves an imprint on your heart.  Imprint seems to be a key word, as I have just returned from Treasure Island in Fiji, home of the Endangered Hawkesbill turtles, and the word ‘imprint’ has been thrown around a lot.  They allow the turtles to make their way back into the ocean by them self, no matter how slow and exhausting it is, so they have an imprint and know where to go when they lay their eggs in 25 years!  So Cambodia for me, left an imprint, and I most certainly don’t want to wait 25 years to return to this beautiful mystical country and I most definitely want to return.

I was excited to go to this far off land firstly to learn about our first #positiveproject  Our very first Non profit for #thepositivepackage.  

Samir the founder and now currently the 2017 CNN hero, decided to do something about hygiene to assist the poverty and disease in Cambodia by igniting an amazing non profit soap recycling center in Cambodia.  It started for him as a personal journey and has now ended up being a #positiveproject that cannot be ignored and deserves a social shout out. 


‘Angelina Jolie’s Favorite hangout ..apparently’

 I have to say that hanging out with Lindsay, facilitator on the ground in Cambodia was equally inspiring! Lindsay an American mellinial, straight out of peace core and into Samir’s amazing nonprofit Eco-Soap bank guided me around Cambodia’s Siem Reap town, fluently speaking the language, Lindsay told me stories from checking scorpions in bedding each night to taking me to Angelina Jolie’s favorite cocktail bar Ms Susie’s.  All in a days work in Cambodia! Nothing quite like seeing a young lady like Lindsay living out side of the ‘normal’ comfort zone in life making a change in the world.

My heart was touched by the kindness of the people in Cambodia, from my passionate tour guide who lifted my spirits st the temples in Angkor wat and allowed me to be reborn and have my spiritual moments to my amazing tuk tuk driver Mr Meek. 

Mr Meek now a lifetime friend, thanks to Facebook lol, carted me around along with 18000 items for #thepositivepackage in the back of his tuk tuk.  He packed them for me, negotiated with me, and we shared lunch and coconuts at his favorite places as he told me about the past unrest of the country, special times with his family, his friends and helped me understand what life living in Cambodia is really like. 

‘Mr Meek and his favorite thing to do with his family, share a coconut at the lotus flower farm’

Mr Meek also entertained my constant facination of the wild ...or not so wild monkeys, and afternoon we would go in a monkey expedition!

 Will I tell my friends to travel to Cambodia...yes!  

Will I recommend they hire Mr Meek... double yes!

Will I return to this mystical place myself.... absolutely!  It’s spiritually beautiful, completely affordable, and I’m sure it has a lot more to see.

Thanks Cambodia for showing me your very special land.  I’ll be back!

Lisa x