Take me to Fiji ...

I have to confess, I spent time as a child living in Fiji, so when it came to the wondeful team at Treasure Island agreeing to collaborate with #thepositivepackage I was beside myself with nostalgia and excitement...I also knew I could escape from the hectic day to day life of being involved with a startup and the everydayness of it all whilst swimming and sipping a cocktail in the tropical sun!

So once again ..on a plane .. then a boat, and here I was Treasure Island Fiji!

Originally I was booked for a night and was to return to the main land ...but five steps into the check out zone of this beautiful resort ..I sat and changed it to two nights ...I was already hooked...I already felt like it was home!

 Greeted at dinner by the head of the environmental team I met lovely ‘Wasi‘ ,a big gentle smiley giant of a man who clearly had a passion for his role and told me how he had become one of the only environmental conservation scientists in Fiji, and his commitment to making that happen... talk about leaving me feeling inspired! 


 Anyway ...a sound sleep, beautiful food and warm topical winds and sunshine saw me arise to the bird song .... or should I say the bird squark! Stepping outside my personal bure (aka luxury personal house) was like walking into an avery of beautiful colourful birds, feeding off the tropical papaya trees and swimming in the little foot pools outside you door... it was simply heaven and to be honest I could have just parked up in the hanging hammocks and watched them all day.


Off for a breakfast for a queen with fresh produce and fare ...

It wasn’t long before I was with the environment team spending the day learning about this beautiful paradise, the amazing Hawkesbill Turtles and the coolest endangered ignauas.


I guess what makes this place other then it’s beautiful environment is the people.  The team here lead by Wasi, don’t have fancy pants equipment, zillions of dollars, and investors handing out money to save the planet.  What they do have is local knowledge passed down through the generations and the smart to make a change with the tools they have to protect the endangered Hawkes Bill Turtles and the critically endangered iguanas who habitat this island and the island where Tom Hanks filmed Castaway ...they are famous by default!  

Due to their commitment and Wasi as a leader, empowered with scientific and local knowledge they have universities from all over the world visiting this passionate committed team of people here on Treasure Island, a credit to them and I can see why!

My day was spent hands on, singing, laughing, sunning and working with these great guys and the awesome turtles and iguanas! 

I even got time to snorkel and indentify some of the amazing sea life I learnt about on my fleeting visit! 

Will I go back ...YES!!!!!  Most definitely! 

Do I recommend a visit! So much so that a lucky ticket will be in our BOX 2 to send someone here on an amazing adventure, so be sure to subscribe, as not only could you win, but you will be donating directly to the environmental team at Treasure Island and the Hatch start conservation program. 

Check out for yourself what there do ... it sells its self! 

Love and Smiles LJ x o