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1 November 2018

Meet our #positivepeeps! 💕 Olivia and Emma!


🧚‍♀️I have personally nominated these two treasures as they have both been busy busy helping me get all of our beautiful #thepositivepackages out to our customers.. they even stayed late to help us get these on the way and catch up after a bumpy customs clearance start!

❤️🧚‍♀️I’ve meet @oliviavire twice now and she is an incredible young lady, manager and Mom! 💕Definitely a #positivepeep ⭐️... and Emma is amazing cause she’s just too cute! 🧚‍♀️


1 October 2018 

Say Hi to Jeffery Wilson, of Magnolia Mississippi.. he’s a #positivepeep for sure, and ironically me, Lisa the founder of The Positive Package, I’m nominating Jeffery.

I haven’t known Jeffery for too long, and met him through the love of music, only to discover what a positive soul he is! 

Jeffery drives an 18 wheeler truck night and day,  whilst he manages his hip hop rap group #Rekksquad from his truck, his phone and his heart.   His humble nature, work ethic and kindness has me saying Jeffery Wilson you are awesome and definitely a #positivepeep! 

Oh, and the music is great! ❤️🕺🏾🕺🏾

💕9th September 2018

Hey hey to our first #positivepeep Julia Jorgenson ❤️

Nominated my me, LJ as being a top Instagram supporter!

Hi! I'm Julia. I'm a mom of 3 and working towards a Masters in Counseling. I love Disney and travel and being in nature- especially the high desert or a rocky beach.

One of my favorite quotes is ‘If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough’

12th September 2018

Say Hi to our #positivepeep Joe Gibson also known as SoMarv3l, nominated by his great friends DJ 👇


Joe is a shining example of positivity. He lives his life in such a positive way that he often becomes a beacon of hope for struggling people. His warm personality, kind heart and patient understanding make him most approachable, and I find myself often drawn to his magnetic personality. When I'm feeling down and out Joe is always available to provide fresh perspective that will inevitably shift my focus from what I am missing, to what I have. Joe radiates hope and happiness enough to register on a Geiger meter and is a wonderful example of our individual ability to choose to be happy and show kindness regardless of situation or excuse.