We love to share a little teaser now and then .... surprises are great but it’s also nice to see what we have in mind for your up and coming subscription! 

Turtles and tropical vibes and committed to personally help reduce plastic with box 2 after our visit to learn about the Hatch start Hawkesbill Turtle Conservation programe.

Addicted to monkeys after my trip to Cambodia!!  Inspirational Monkeys that is! Who doesn’t love Monkeys right?

How cute ...! 

Additcted to the fabulous colors and cotton of handmade Cambodian scarves 🧣...also known as the ‘krama’.

Any one who has travelled through the roads of Cambodia will soon understand why we named this indulgent treat ‘Cambodian trail mix’.

Inspired by the beautiful lotus flower farms and enhanced with peaceful lavender oil, this blended soak will have you in a mindful relaxation moment.

 Who loves cotton Ts!!! ME... especially when the prints are so cool, inspirational and handmade in Cambodia! Purchased from the local ‘made in Cambodia’ markets I have to confess I had to purchase a sneaky for for myself!