Candy from another ‘landy’ box


Candy from another ‘landy’ box
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There is absolutely nothing like a bunch of candy to sweeten your mood, and lift spirits!  Some times it’s a must!

I have to say that part of the journey is taste testing all of the delicious chocolates and candies on my travels, and I thought why not send you sweeties some too!

So this is how it works. 

1. Simply subscribe or test us out.

2. Check your mail box.

3. Stash it sneakily, give some to another sweetie pie or simply binge and enjoy candys and chocolates you have never tasted before!

Transport your mood into another far away ...candy land!

Each box will include at least 5 good sized candies, more if I don’t eat them in the plane!

Each box is shipped between the 15th and the 20th  of each month.

Enjoy your sweeties!