The Positive Package


The Positive Package
The Positive Package The Positive Package
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This months positive package 📦 is jungle themed for wild positivity, awesome chicks and being the queen of the jungle! 🐒  You will receive all the goodies as pictured, presented in a super fabulous jungle themed box 📦 loaded with grrrrrrrrreat products from socks 🧦 to soaps to self love books and indulgence!

💕Positively awesome! For all of you princesses, queens and worldsisters! Entrepreneurs to wantrepenuers.. Mothers and Daughters ... sisters and Grandmothers ... it’s time you were reminded every month of how cool you are, how beautiful you are and how ‘you’ve got this sister!’
💪No need to rely on others to pimp your positivity .. its time you sweetened you P.M.S, your P.H.D or E.G.O with a wee positive package every month!
🕺We are taking it old school ... back to the good old days where mixed tapes were cool and little somethings are special.
Each box 📦 is put together by hand, with love to give love and positivity worldwide! Be the Queen👸 and unbox a monthly #positivepackage full of thoughtful positive treats, vouchers for your fav place and everything that will make you smile and radiate positivity all month long!

❤️ Its the little things that count, and positivity should not be expensive! 

💕Each #postivepackage will be hand wrapped, hand tied and will a message addressed personally to you! 🍍The contents will change month to month and of course we all love surprises ... so each #positivepackage is wrapped and then presented in a cute box for an extra unboxing experience!

❤️We promise to impress and include things you never thought you could receive in a #positivepackage.

Price in USD. Delivery 🚚 USA. Delivery 3-10 days. Shipped by DHL with tracking. 

❤️Order now!